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Brian Raine transcription assignment.........    "Back in the first year of my Bachelor Degree at MacEwan (2011), one of my first assignments in Jim Head's guitar ensemble class was to transcribe a modal guitar solo. I chose Allan Holdsworth's solo on "Devil Take the Hindmost" off of Metal Fatigue. I was in WAY over my head but decided to push myself and see what I could do. It took me two weeks to transcribe this, meaning 14 days of constantly working on it. I stayed locked up in my dorm eating nothing but pizza pops and gatorade, and at the end of it my gums started bleeding... so I called my mother (who made a career for herself as a nurse in Yellowknife) and realized that I had brought scurvy back to modern civilization. I was so enthralled by this piece that nothing else really mattered. As idiotic as I was back then, I'm glad I went through that, I'm glad that was so inspired by what I heard that I had to write it down in ridiculous detail, and I'm glad that although he is no longer with us, Allan Holdsworth left an unforgettable impression upon me and countless other guitarists and musicians around the world."

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